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Workers' Compensation Qualifications & Benefits

What are the requirements for workers compensation eligibility?

Many people fail to contact a lawyer after being injured on the job. They simply believe it's too expensive to get an attorney involved. To the contrary, the services of an attorney help ensure that your interests are protected, and often increase your eventual financial settlement. If we accept your case, there is no attorney fee unless we obtain benefits for you.

It's always in your best interest to consult with the lawyers of Fischer, Bessette, Muldowney & McArdle, LLP, after an on-the-job injury. Our lawyers have years of experience navigating the workers' compensation landscape. Contact us to set up a free initial consultation.

Requirements for Making a Claim

To be eligible to receive money to compensate for lost salary and medical expenses, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You were injured during the course of your employment.
  • Your employer was covered at the time by the state-run workers' compensation insurance program. (Almost all employers in New York are covered.)
  • You have taken the necessary steps to notify your employer and the Workers' Compensation Board of your claim.

Some workers' compensation claims do not arise from specific accidents. Repetitive activities or exposures may also qualify. Examples of such potential claims include carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive typing or other work, hearing loss from working in a noisy environment and problems from chemical exposure at work.

An Essential Legal Representative

There are many reasons to hire an attorney to represent you. Essential services our attorneys provide include:

  • Assist you with submitting your claim and advise you on how to report a work-related injury or condition.
  • Assist you with issues relating to payment of compensation while you are out of work.
  • Assist you when the insurance company delays or denies medical treatment recommended by your own doctor.
  • Aggressively represent you at hearings before a Workers' Compensation Law Judge.
  • Handle negotiations with employer and insurance company representatives.
  • Aggressively advocate for your interests before the Workers' Compensation Board.

If you were injured on the job and wonder if you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits, contact usOur lawyers can evaluate your situation and will work with you to address your needs.