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Contested Wills

Contested Will Attorneys

In the aftermath of the loss of a loved one, inheritance disputes may arise. Perhaps you are concerned that the person named as executor of the estate is not handling matters properly, or there are errors in the will itself. Perhaps you are the executor and you have been accused of wrongdoing. With the help of a trusted lawyer, you can resolve the dispute and make certain your loved one's final wishes are honored and assets are passed on fairly.

At Fischer, Bessette, Muldowney & McArdle, LLP, our contested will attorneys have extensive experience resolving estate disputes of all kinds. Our goal is to help you navigate the dispute carefully and with respect to the deceased and your family.

Causes of Estate Disputes

There are many causes of estate disputes—an allegation that the creator of the will was not of sound mind when the document was drafted; a claim that one person exerted undue influence to gain favor in the will; and sometimes, simply a matter of the will not being written clearly or not including all assets. We know how to address ambiguous language and deal with overlooked assets.

Negotiation or Trial

Trial is a possibility in estate litigation. Whenever possible, however, we strive to resolve these disputes through negotiation. We understand that these are family disputes, and an amicable resolution can prevent longstanding bitterness between siblings and other family members. We also know that trial is sometimes the most effective way to get a fair outcome. We will stand by your side, regardless of the path that is taken to resolve the will contest.

Free Consultation with a Lawyer

Fischer, Bessette, Muldowney & McArdle, LLP, has offices in Malone, Tupper Lake, and Saranac Lake, New York. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our attorneys about resolving your will dispute.